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I don't need to loose weight but i would like to be more fit. Im only 17 but i have cheer practice almost every night and im always sore and tired after practice. All my friends are fine so i was wondering is there anything i can do to have more energy to put towards my practice.᤾
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Hi Brook Lyn. Your diet may be making you feel tired. Try skipping sugar all together. Anything that has sugar in it. Especially soda. Drink plain water for awhile.      Skip white refined rice, pasta & bread. Try whole grains. They have more fiber & give you energy longer.  Let us know!  Pamela
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Resistance training, running and any other strenuous exercise deplete glycogen in the muscles. Recovery sports drinks are superior to water because the body needs more than just water after exercise to replenish energy stores. During recovery, the body is busy removing lactic acid and replacing depleted glycogen supply. Sports recovery drinks improve the quality and rate of recovery after strenuous exercise, according to John M Berardi, reporting in a 2008 "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition."

Glycogen consists of glucose molecules, which the muscles use for energy. After exercise, the muscles are depleted of glycogen and insulin levels are frequently reduced, notes Jessica Seaton, D.C., chiropractic orthopedist with the USMS Sports Medicine Committee. Carbohydrates are the main source of glucose in the body, and carbohydrate drinks are designed to rapidly replenish glucose and increase the body's insulin concentration. Another advantage of drinking a carbohydrate drink post workout is it also replenishes fluid lost during exercise. Fluids are easier to ingest after a vigorous workout than solid food and can be easily carried in a gym bag. Carbohydrate sports recovery drinks are available in powder form and pre-mixed liquids. Drinking a glass of fruit juice is another carbohydrate drink that is absorbed quickly and easily digested.

Carbohydrate-Protein Drinks

Adding protein to your carbohydrate recovery drink can speed recovery time while helping to rebuild damaged muscle tissue. John M. Berardi's study found that adding protein to carbohydrates in a recovery drink increases fat oxidation, increases recovery and improves same-day exercise performance. The sports drink should contain a ratio of 2 to 1, having twice as many carbohydrates as protein. A variety of products on the market are available, but make sure to read the label to ensure the proper ratio. Chocolate milk is also a good carbohydrate protein drink that is effective for recovery, according to the Berardi study.

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