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Pelvic Pain after leg days something to be concerned about?

So after 3 months of recovery from a surgery (near the lower abdomen for ovary) I got the ok from the doctor to start working out again. I did a leg day on Monday, Wednesday, and core on Friday and arms on Saturday although I did do some squats and lunges those last two days as well. I always stretch before and after. Friday I felt soreness around my hip flexors and Saturday after the gym I started feeling a different kind of pain. I’m not sure if it’s muscle or bone but when I press down around the pubic tubercle and superior pubic ramus area on my right side I feel slight pain. Only when sitting or laying down. Is it possible I sprained a muscle in my groin as a result of overdoing it on legs? Is there anything I should try to alleviate the pain?
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Yeah, rest and see if it goes away.  Just asking, are you saying you had to take 3 months off of exercise and then when you were cleared to go again you did your regular workout?  You need to gradually work your way up to where you were before -- your body isn't the body you had yet, and if you're over a certain age, it might never be again.  You have to take it slow or you're going to get hurt, which is what might have happened.  If you rest some and it doesn't heal, I'd see my doc, because you did have a surgery and there's no safe amount of time that applies to everyone to get back to working out.  I'm guessing it's just soreness because you did too much too quickly, but you do want to be sure.  
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Yes I think you may be right. I guess it was kind of foolish especially cause I tried to push it with weights three days out of the week. I’m only 20 though so hopefully my body does get back to how it was. I’ve been resting since Tuesday and I still feel some pain in the pelvic area on my right side (which is the ovary in question) although that may be a coincidence. Both hip flexors were sore and tingly which I have felt before after surgery if I walked too much so i think I definitely should take another break before I try to make some baby steps again. Thank you for your insight!
Just a hint, I'm old, in my sixties, and the last few years have proven full of injuries.  They probably come from all the stuff I did when I was young.  So you want to make sure, especially with weight lifting, that you do it right.  If you have sore hips, I'd take that possibly as a sign that the way you're moving might not be optimal for you.  It might be bad shoes.  It might be lots of things, but it might not be a bad idea, if you can afford it, to see a sports movement professional who you actually trust -- most of them know less than the tile on your floor -- who can look at how you run, walk, lift and tell you if you're doing it in the best way.  And again, if you're hurting in the area where you just had the surgery, consider seeing your surgeon.  They're not usually very talkative, they like the money from doing surgery more than talking to patients, but make sure everything's healing okay down there.  You're young, you'll be fine, you're right, but at some point if you're lucky you'll get older and that's when you notice what you should have learned better when you were young.  Best to learn it now.  All the best.

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