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red spot on sclera of the eye

I am concerned about my daughter who has had diabetes mellitis since age 10 and is now 33.  Recently she developed a painless red spot on the white part of her eye and promptly made an appointment with her opthalmologist for a check to rule out retinopathy.  She was told that it was a subconjunctival hemorrhage and would go away in a couple of weeks.  It has not been more than a month and this red spot has not really changed.  What does this mean?  Is it common for these spots to never go away?  Is there any treatment for it if it doesn't go away after a reasonable time? Thanks for any enlightenment you can give me.  I'm happy to say she has no diabetic retinopathy so far.
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a subconjunctival hemorrhage is not really related to retinopathy, just for your piece of mind.  

it is VERY common for them to last 6 weeks.  2 months even is no big deal.  many, many people get these for no reason, or when they have a coughing or sneezing fit, or lift something heavy, etc.  it is not dangerous at all, nor is there any way to fix it or treat it.  it will go away on its own but may take many more weeks.

one isolated subconjunctival hemorrhage event does not mean anything.  it will only be significant if she keeps having them over & over (then it would likely mean she had uncontrolled hypertention or some vascular disease)
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