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Options for two lazy eyes (i.e. amblyopia).

Hi, my 6 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with two lazy eyes (i.e. amblyopia). I live in SE Asia where the health care provision isn't necessarily as good as it would be in a western country, so would like to know more about this condition. I have tried to do some research, but there does not seem to be much information online about two lazy eyes. So my questions are:
1. Is it possible to have two lazy eyes?
2. What is the treatment for this?

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Lazy eye is not a Diagnosis because people use it for 1. a droopy eyelid  (ptosis), an eye that wanders outward (exotrophia) and fianlly reduced vision that does not come up with glasses on (true amblyopia).   At age 6 your daughter will be difficult to treat as first eye exam or screening should have been done at about age 3 to detect this.  She would need to be under the care of an Eye MD (ophthalmologist ) that is experienced in this problem. Needs full dilated eye exam,  assuredly glasses, maybe patching.        Amblyopia in both eyes is usually called "refractive amblyopia" and means the vision did not develop to normal due to not wearing glasses.
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