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About cornea stitches

I had s cornea transplant in April now they been in removing them slowly had 16  now have 12 stitches left? Every time then messaure my eye by machine  then they messaure my stagnmia is thst getting closer to vision update how many more stitches come out before they work on vision any clues only have 12 left they take 3 out at time?
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No way to tell. That is a question for your surgeon.  In most cases all to 75% come out.
Thanks for that I only have 12 stitches left post take 3 more out sept 11 then leaves 9. They made me use this new machine it has rectangle shape it took a picture but it spin they said something about stsgtism might not said it right
It's called "Astigmatism"  means 'not round.   The machine measures the amount of astigmatism. The amount and direction can often reduced by taking stitches out.
Thanks For thst can the stitches prevent seeing better more they take out better I can see I’d thst right? I only have 12 left go back sept 11 take 3 more I wish they update my glasses and things
A corneal transplant is the longest healing eye surgery procedure and may take 12 to 18 months to stabilize. Every time they take stitch out the glasses rx will change so why they don't prescribe them.
They where saying it take a year before my vision get good I fiqure they get me a prescription for glasses to get my DL renew by October they say they going start then when I get there they don’t they say not quite ready maybe this next time possible
Brad I’ve said all I can. Good luck.
Thanks u gave me slot information
You are welcome. Best of luck
Can stitches keep vision from getting any better right now have 12 stitches they go back Sept 12 they take 3 more out leaves 9 left
Stitches create 'astigmatism"  which can increase or decrease glasses RX.. So the effect of stitches can be good or bad.
Ok thanks they be doing thst machine every time I go in  thst mesn I getting closer getting my prescription RX thanks for telling me
Good luck.
true there  if I need more advice glad I only have 12 stitches Sept. 22 they take 4 or 4 out leave 9 or 8 left
I went back to my cornea dr  yesterday about my cornea transplanted he said vision holding steadily between 20/70 to 20/60 he sending s letter to my regular  eye dr to work on my prescription to get new glasses ehen they update that will that help cornea heal but still have 12 stictched he didn’t take any out but will new glasses help my vision improve since on almost 6 month ?
Will glasses help. Probably.  Will the glasses prescription change soon. Probably
Thank they sending me back to my regular eye dr to get video test for glasses they where sending him a letter Wednesday evening I guess that mean email where he can work on prescription glasses where get my vision where get driver License renew been almost 6 months since surgery
Thanks for all the advice does it take s year to get all stitches out ? I went back sept z11 he referring me back to my regular eye doctor to work on prescription glssses where I can get DL renew  but I suprise he didn’t take any stitches out thst sept 12 I still have 12
No set schedule to remove. Some are left in for years, some forever
Thanks for telling me they remove them when ready stitches and and cornea don’t go bad some friends asking why I trying give them answer why they leave them in so long
A full thickness cornea transplants takes forever to heal and the wound is not nearly as strong as the normal cornea.  The stitches provide protection and strength.  Also if the cornea is in a round shape or minimal astigmatism with stitches and the stitches are removed it may create high astigmatism.
Thanks for answer I do my sntiboditic drop 1 once a day and steroid drop 2 days is it ok beteeen time put regular eye drops in eyes ?
If you mean artificial tears generally yes.
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