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Allergic conjunctivitis?

Hi doctor, for the past year I have worked part time at a drug store and my eyes would always get itchy there so I used visine. I realized the visine made my eyes redder after several months so I quit it. My eyes are now generally ok accept whenever I go to work they get super itchy and red. It takes them a couple days to recover fully. Is there anything I can do or should I quit this job? I'd be okay without the job since I have another one. I've also tried eye lubricants like refresh and they all seem to irritate my eyes.
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You need to see an ophthalmologist Eye MD to determine why your eyes stay red. If you are constantly using Visine you may have "rebound redness" due to overuse of this product.

If you have allergies you are better off using Zaditor, Always or Visine allergy formula.

If you have the problem ONLY at work it is likely you are coming in contact with something you are allergic to.  Perhaps if you like the job you can identify what sets them off.

If not and another part time is available you might consider a move.

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    Thanks for the answer. I'm seeing my optometrist in a week. I'm fairly sure it's allergies since they aren't as red anywhere else but work, plus there is a bit of discharge in them and I'm sneezy as well.
    It's been an eye nightmare since all this has made my pinguecula get inflamed and really sensitive now whereas before it was hardly noticeable.
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