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Are floaters normal in post macular hole/vitrectomy surgery eye?

I am 12 weeks post surgery for macular hole/vitrectomy/IRM peeling.  I still have "blank" spaces in my sight but noticed a slight improvement Wednesday evening....enough to remark to my husband.  I woke up Thursday morning with what looked like a floater in that eye.  It was gone within an hour.  Today is Saturday and I have what looks like another floater....has only been there for 15 minutes or so.  I have had MANY floaters in my eyes for many years and this one seems to move around a lot more than my others ever did.  Is this common after surgery?  I have no flashes or any other symptoms.  I see my surgeon on Friday.  My hole was closed at my first scan at 3 weeks and the eye looked great at that time.
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Yes it is common. And because the vitreous is removed and replaced with a balanced salt solution floaters move faster when the gel is removed.
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Thank you, Dr. Hagen.  This latest one is already gone!  
Monica19815 - Its sounds like you are well on the road to recovery.  You will see floaters from time to time after the surgery.  I am a year from my latest vitrectomy and I see a few now and again and was concerned about it too.   Nowhere near the amount I had prior to surgery, these are like little black or clear dots.  Maybe 3 or 4 which come and go.  One has a small tail on it and only saw that a couple times.   Most of the time I don't notice them until I really look for them.  May you have continued success with your recovery.  Regards, Jim
Thanks for the comments Jim
That is exactly what these look like!  Thanks for the reply, Jim.
My only residual floater in my operative LE is one black dot . There were several clear dot ones following subsequent cataract surgery but those have all since disappeared.
Thanks Mr P
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