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Black dot in all light source (car brake light and lamp post) at night

Hi. I noticed the black dot is getting more frequent ever since my eye degree has gotten worse from 0/150 to 100/250.

What happened is:

Whenever I drive (at night or early in the morning when the sky is dark), I started to notice all the lights sources such as car brake light and lamp posts have black dot covering them. But as soon as I noticed them, my eye blinked (just once) and the black dots will be gone.

Normally I drive without spec as I can see perfectly without spec. This black dots doesnt happen when I drive during the daytime or heavy rain. 

I have also went for a full eye check up by 2 ophthalmologists in one year. They kinda brushed me off thinking that I am over reacting but none of them can give me a proper explanation and tell me to see brain specialist.

Also, I have found out coincidentally that when I cover my right eye (seeing with left eye) there is some irregular dark circle forming at the light source. But when I wear my spec. It doesnt appear. 

So I was wondering if this black spot accident was due to me not wearing my spec when I drive so my eye sight shifted from my right eye (100 degree) to my left eye (250 degree).
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