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Blue filter IOL in one eye, clear in other, should I be concerned?

I noticed that sight still seemed brighter in one eye about 3 weeks after surgery. Checked the IOL cards and had an Alcon blue filter lense in first eye and a clear Tecnis lense in the other. Both have UV protection. There is some glare in bright sunlight but sight generally is good. Brightness merges when looking through both eyes.I've ordered reactolite spectacles to hopefully remedy this. Never usually wear tinted lenses.
Will there be any long term problems with this combination. Just assumed surgeon would use blue filter in second eye.
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No there should be no problems. Both are excellent well made lens by respected companies. Paired organs are not mirrors of one another or clones. Most people hear better out of one ear, have one arm stronger than the other and a dominate eye.  Most people with young eyes who don't need glasses may be able to tell minor differences in color and brightness. Since you don't notice it with both eyes open and each sees well I would move on to the next item on the worry list.
Thank you for your reply.Hoping I get the best of both worlds with the Tecnis night vision and blue light.Have terrible insomnia so hoping blue light will help.
Don't know about that but pleasant dreams.
I have blue filters in both replacement lenses. I sew and do a lot of handicrafts, and have found my color awareness remains--to be modest--exquisite.  However, I would *NOT* put any bets at all on anything regarding insomnia.  Sleep problems are their own, complicated kettle of fish.
Yeah Americans consume almost as much ambien as chocolate.
And chocolate has the advantage of tasting good, with that wonderful confectionary sense of 'go-away.'  Now if they could only do that with Ambien--and produce sleep as well.
I'm more concerned with glare from the clear IOL tbh. Worried but was trying to see the "bright" side to my situation. Would have preferred two blue filtering lenses but the only definite solution is explanting, and not willing to take that risk to eyesight at the moment. Hoping reactolite spectacles will work. Otherwise you can get lenses with some blue light and UV filtering.One of these in the clear eye could work.
Thanks for your reply except, couldn't see where to reply directly.My thoughts were much harsher than dropped the ball when I realised!
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Your surgeon really dropped the ball on that one. This isn't a "get used to it" situation but rather a surgeon incompetence situation. It's not hard to check the type of IOL that was in your first eye and then make the proper decision on the type of IOL to use in the second eye. See the following study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3843900/

There won't be any long term problems... just annoyance with the blue light filtering "yellow vision" Alcon IOL.
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