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Blurred Vision in one eye

My right eye has been blurred since Feb. - most noticeably when I am outdoors. When I cover my left eye, my right eye vision is blurred and sometime even doubled. I also have horrible floaters in that eye. My left eye compensates but not completely. I have been to 2 opthomologists and both say vision is a "blurry 20/20" (inside a dark examination room) in my right eye...if the exam were given outdoors, they would see something completely different. The last doctor I saw said I have some cells in my cornea that appear to be thickened (running vertically down my pupil) and that there is nothing that can be done. This makes no sense since I haven't had infection or abrasion that I know of.  Should I see a neurologist? This is beginning to affect my everyday life and can't get any answers. Eyeglasses, both doctors say, will not help.
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Ask and EyeMD (ophthalmologist) to do a gare test (BAT).  You may have an early cataract.

Dr. O.
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Thank you for your response...I had two days worth of tests including the one mentioned above and cataract has been ruled out. I've been told to use a corneal edema ointment each night for a month to stimulate cell turnover in the cornea but it's not helping. My latest MD still thinks the blurred vision is due to thickened corneal cells...but my vision (outdoors) in that eye has gotten worse since Feb. Again, my eyesight in that eye does not bother me when I am in a darkened area...I am wondering if there is a correlation between the pupil getting smaller (in the sun) and the thickened tissue since the thickeded area appears to be running down the middle of my pupil?? I am so confused and frustrated. I go back to the MD in 2 weeks to tell him that this ointment is not helping.  AS long as we are not missing anything neurological, I guess I can live with this. It sure would be nice to be able to read on the beach again though.  sigh.
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