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Blurred vision after surgery for detached retina

In response to an earlier question about recovery after surgery for a detached retina, one member commented, "The bubble is pretty small now -- I can see around it, but NOTHING is clear at all.   I can see images but no detail and can not read anything with that eye."  This describes my situation exactly.  I had a scleral buckle attached and vitrectomy with the vitreous humor replaced by a gas bubble.  Is it common to have blurred vision after surgery for a detached retina?  Can I expect it to clear up?  What are the chances it might be permanent (as in a comment by another member)?
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It will take months for vision to improve and even then you may need cataract surgery sometimes for a cataract that develops after vitrectomy.  Remember several months, up to 6 - 12 months.  Right now what you need to concentrate on having the retinal break sealed up and having retinal completely re-attached.  Vision will come later and should get much better than now but I cannot say if it will ever back to near normal or "good."  That is a question for your surgeon and may not be able to be answered for several months.

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