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Blurred vision despite good eye health


So a little back story. 10 years ago I got LASIK done and afterwards had 2 further surgeries as I felt I was getting a bit of blurred vision related to ghosting. It got a little better after the extra surgeries and I learned to live with it. However in the past 12-18 months my vision has become gradually blurrier again. It's like I see a blurred version behind a clear version of things (so much worse on text). I still feel its sort of like blurry ghosting and It makes reading quite uncomfortable. I also get light sensitivity and often my eyes feel quite heavy. I get dull headaches sometimes as well. On really bad days I've called in sick to work and stayed in a dark room. I also wear sunglasses at home often.

So far ive seen 2 optometrists where I had the eye surgery. They found nothing. I then saw an NHS ophthalmologist and then a private retinal consultant as well as a refractive consultant/corneal surgeon. There have been many tests along with all this. None of them could find anything wrong. In fact they say my eyes are in very good health (not even much dry eye).

So now I am at a loss as to what to try next. Already it makes day to day tasks rather uncomfortable at times and I worry that if it gets worse it could end up effected my ability to work. I don't want to have to spend the rest of my live with blurred vision that glasses can't fix.

If anyone has any idea what could be the cause or something I could look into I would really appreciate the help.


- Chris
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Not much I can add except to be certain that the cornea/refractive surgeon did a corneal topography as the most common cause of your problems would be irregular astigmatism from the cornea surgery. That test is essential.
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