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Blurry vision even after YAG (following Intra Ocular Lens Implant)

I am 55 and had IOL (lens implants) 2 years ago as I was deemed unsuitable for Lasik to correct my vision - I had myopia since a child and hyperopia on getting older)

After the surgery my tested vision (re my prescription) was excellent - 20/20 but it within a few days I had night halos, light sensitivity and dry eyes which carried on for months afterwards, treated with numerous eye gels and lotions, all unsuccessfully.  Then my vision in both eyes became blurred  (best way to describe it is as if I had Vaseline on my eyes - that wouldn't clear when I blinked).  Then I was told I had Posterior Capsule Opacification - one eye being worse than the other. I had YAG on that right eye 6 months ago and gained immediate relief from the blurring. It was wonderful for a while to be free of the blurriness. However it's now back in that eye and now my left (which hasn't yet had YAG) is really blurred. I can't read easily and can't drive in the dark.

I had the lens implants and YAG done at a place in the UK that has since had a lot of bad press about the damage it's left people with - so I am not intending to go back there but to get a private referral from my local GP (my family physician).   Before I do so I want to get more information and found this group so thought I would ask here.

Has anyone had a 2nd YAG? I thought it would never need to be repeated on the same eye - that once the hole was made by the laser, it would be done for ever. If I have it done again, will I be in danger of weakening the capsule, or of any other damage like detached retina?

Your thoughts and answers - and perhaps not to questions I have asked but should ask!) would be really welcomed thank you.
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It is very rare, but possible to develop PCO a second time, requiring a second yag procedure on the same eye. See any opthamologist to diagnose.
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Having a blurry vision after a surgery will be associated with dry eye syndrome, posterior capsular opacification, problems relating to the pupil size, a decentered IOL and many other conditions. The effective treatments include keratorefractive surgery for ametropia, dry eye management, laser modification of the pupil size, YAG capsulotomy for PCO or an IOL exchange for issues intrinsic to the IOL.
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I had an iol and YAG. For a few days afterwards I saw halos, but these were gone after a week. Then I began to see a kind of foggiines. Turned out to be serious inflammation caused by old cataract debris that got into the vitreous during the YAG. In the end, I had to have a vitrectomy to replace the contaminated vitreous. Now my vision is fine, all I see are some floaters.

I obviously don't kmow your case, and I'm not a doctor, but  hopefully my experience will give you one possibility to discuss with your eye specialist.

Good luck.
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