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Both pupils dilated

I had complaints of light sensitivity and longer lasting negative afterimages so I saw an ophthalmologyst who made a complex exam to find nothing, except that both my pupils are wider than they should be. They react to light alright just don't constrict as much as they should and in dim light they look like I had cycloplegic eye drops.
I was referred to a neurologyst who screened me for epilepsy (negative) and brain lesions (negative).

What could cause this wide pupils and how to get rid of the issue? Will it lessen my symptoms if my pupils were narrower?
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Pupil size is like nose size or ear size or shoe size. Varies from person to person. If you have seen two ophthalmologists and all you have are widely dilated pupils that are otherwise normal you don’t have a problem.  Pupils are bigger in adolescence and young adults, wider in blue eyes and myopic individuals.  Big pupils are widely considered attractive and at times in the past women put dilute atropine drops in their eyes to make pupil big.  
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Thank you for the answer. I wouldn't concern myself if it was just cosmetic but I have the symptoms I mentioned in the post and nothing seemed to work. Do you think the dilated pupils have anything to do with after images?
No not at all
Thanks for the heads up and sorry for reviving the thread. What could cause the negative after images? As I said, eye and neurology exams were negative. What else should I have looked into?
After images are a normal part of eye physiology. Some people are aware of them some not.  I would stop looking for trouble unless something new develops.
True but if I look at e.g. my keyboard then up to the display I see the grid mark of the keys in blurred negative for seconds, I can't unsee it. It makes computer work difficult which is my job
This is my last comment. If you are not willing to accept the situation and want to spend a LOT of money and time then you can get all your tests and past consultations and set out to the most famous Eye Center you can reach and afford. I don't know of any such centers in your country. Moorfield Eye Hospital in England would fit that definition.  I'm sure there are others in France, Germany but I'm not familiar with them.
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