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Bouts of Vertigo really pronounced visual aura in daylight

Experiencing a really bad visual aura for a few months now it has become more pronounced with time in the daylight it now completely covers every surface im looking at. Im also experiecing really disorienting vertigo when outside it looks like everything is stretching out in front of me. Accompanying the aura are lots of flashes that fade out as the aura becomes more pronounced the aura is hard to describe but it looks like giant black circles dancing around. Had two eye examines told my eyes were healthy. My family has a history of migraines and epilepsy but no headache or pain accompanys the aura and vertigo. Any idea what im looking at or what I can do to maybe nullify the aura the only thing ive found that helps is wearing sunglasses to dim the light outside the aura almost completely fades out when I do this.
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Vertigo (posted elsewhere)  is not in the area where ophthalmologists work.  Suggest you see a neurologist or ENT.
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