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Brain Tumor

I have a healthy active almost 1 months shy of turning 4 year old. For the last week out of no where his right eye has been moving inward. He looks cross eyed. Its very suddle  but noticeable. He ate his breakfast in the morning and then complained of a stomach ache threw up iand then was fine during the rest of the day. I am very concerned because he threw up in the morning out of the blue. And one of the symptoms I found of a brain tumor is throwing up in the morning! My husband thinks its just a coincidence but I am fearing the worst in my gut. Do you think he has a brain tumor?
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There's a medical saying:  "When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses, not zebras".

I know you are worried about your kiddo, but LOTS of ordinary things cause nausea and vomiting in children (and adults).  As you've probably noticed, most people who throw up do *not* have brain tumors.

If you've noticed one of your child's eyes going off-axis, well, that can affect eyesight in a youngster, so take him to the doctor soon for a workup.  By all means, report the throw-up, and if you're still worried about brain tumors, mention that also and the doc will take it from there.

But really, don't waste a lot of time fretting about a rare occurrence (and one that usually causes other symptoms as well).  Just take care of business and get your little guy's eyes checked.
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I think you should make an appointment with an opthamologist or a developmental optician to have the eye looked at, and worry about a brain tumor only if a medical person suggests you should. Kids' eyes turn inward for other reasons, and he is a good age to begin eye exercises if the eye moving inward has come from something that exercise will fix.  I assume an eye specialist would be able to tell you if a brain tumor is even in the realm of possibility for your child.
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