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Cataracts and glasses

Is there a medical reason why opthalmologists don't prescribe for ONE new lens for the first eye that has had the cataract surgery and is 97% improved. My right eye is 20/25 from 20/60 pre-op and of course my lens is useless but I still need a little help. When I finally reach the 30 day post op visit time after my left cataract removal it will be be 3 months with this problem. Of course things may be a little better after the second surgery improvement, hopefully to 20/25 from 20/40, close work can be helped by readers but until the surgery this is a real problem physically. Can't drive, stomach gets queasy, head gets a little woozy, I have trouble gaging distances. I tries taking out the offending lens but that didn't work, just made things worse. And what's the best color for sunglasses? Does the anti-glare coating work, I have Fuchs' Dystrophy and still have halos and glare problems.
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You can get one lens after the first eye if you want.  No problem. If you are getting the second eye done, you can get another set of glasses after that and also have the first pair fixed with an updated lens for the first eye.  Talk to the optician about the best color for tinting. I have no personal opinion on that.  Fuch's dystrophy if it is significant can definitely reduce your vision quality and cause a delay in seeing well enough for new glasses.  Your question about the glasses is completely legitimate and I hear it from patients and do everything I can to make them happy.
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Thanks very much, that satisfies my desire to see better and the Fuchs' has definitely affected my sight, I still have halos, starbursts and rainbows in the eye with the new lens. Those 3 things are all together in each light I see at night, easier in the day.So that's my next challenge. Until it's time for corneal transplants I won't be driving at night. I can see perfectly clearly with glasses, I even got my license renewed and passed the eye test the week before the first cataract surgery.
Again, thank you.
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