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Complicated Eye Problem Need some Help URGENT!

Hi there,

I have a really complicated eye problem. This all started just over 3 months ago. I started getting really bad pain in my eyes and seeing floaters in my left eye. I went for an eye examination and they found out I had vessels growing in the back of my eye. I had a hameoredge in my left eye and this was treated with laser surgery which sealed the vessels. Presently 3 months later I have been told I have eales disease which I have read is some sort of retinal vasculitis. It has only affected the side part of my eye. However I still get blurry vision and severe pain in my eyes at the top part of them and at the side. The doctors are worried about the pain and cannot find out the cause. I'm so worried if they don't find out why my sight will get worse. I really can't cope with the pain. They have looked at my eye several times but can't find out why. They also done a ultrasound. Is there any tests I should get? What could this be?
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Eales disease is not associated with eye pain.  Please get a second opinion.

Dr. O.
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Yeah i'm scared. There are no other doctors I can get a second opnion in my area.

What else could it be from what I'm describing? There requesting I get a MRI scan of my head.
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