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Conjunctivitis or blepharitis

Good evening,

About 2 years ago I started having redness in the eye and dryness. I've seen 3 ophthalmologists with 2 saying its a weird form of conjunctivitis and 1 saying its blepharitis.  My symptoms are:

- dryness sometimes
- when I wake up my entire eye is covered in a silk-like of redness and I feel it very dry, goes away in 1 1/2 hours
- vision problems at night. This is the most annoying of them all. I can see fine if I look through a hole but can't otherwise - if the street sign is lighted I have to be at least 7-8 feet otherwise I can't see. Another example is on my phone: if the background is dark and the writings are in white I can't see properly, it's like I can't focus. If the background is white and writings are in dark I see fine.

I have no other symptom, no weird secretion in the morning or anything else. I'm 100% sure what I have is contagious because my mother caught it after I did. I'm starting to worry very much about my vision.

What could this disease be and is there a possibility to restore my vision?

What could cause this bad night vision (can it be the dryness)?

I understand the diagnosis can't be made over the internet but what I'm asking is for a speculation as to what might this be based on your experience. Thank you very much!

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If your vision is much clearer when you look through a small hole (pinhole test) it means you have a refractive error and need glasses.  An infection would not make you see better through a pinhole.

Dryness and blepharitis are often associated and occur together. Both are chronic conditions that one "controls" rather than "cures". Use the search feature and archives and read about both. Look at "Today's Pulse" at the bottom of this page and scroll through the blue dots till you get to the dry eye article. Read it.  Begin treatment for dry eyes and blepharitis.

If possible see a ophthalmologist that specializes in cornea and external disease. Be sure a glasses test is done when you go in. See if one of these is near you. Find one at www.geteyesmart.org

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Thank you for your answer. I thought that refractive error is something that is more genetic-related than caused by an infection, can this infection cause my vision problems or can this be a neurological and undiagnosed disease?
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Your apparent refractive error has nothing to do with your clinical problem. They are two separate issues.

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