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Dark area after retinal detachment surgery with silicon oil

I have my 1st retinal detachment surgery 3 month ago with Scleral buckle and inject gas in my left eye. After the surgery sometime i see a dark spot on the upper right coner, which usually comes and goes. One time it appear and didn't go away but the dark area grow bigger and it has detach again (2 month after the 1st surgery) and i have my 2nd surgery 3 weeks ago with vitrectomy and silicone oil inject.
A couple of days ago i notice a dark spot (on and off) on the upper right coner of my left eye (same spot that the retinal re-detach).
2 days ago a notice a big dark area (2/5 of the vision field) on the upper center of my vision field. Sometime it was so dark i couldn't see my finger when i move it up to this area. But with outside day light i am able to see through a little bit (but still darker than other area).
I went to see my doctor immediately and he said the retinal look flat and alright in that dark area. He said there is a spot where the retina isn't completely re-attached yet but it is in the lower left side coner. I went to see another doctor and he said the same thing. And they all said the oil is clear.
But i haven't check with ultrasound yet.
I am still worry sick. Is it possible for the retinal to re-detach again with silicon oil still inside?
It is possible for the retinal to re-detach but Ophthalmoscopy doesn't pick it up?
Thank you for your answer
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Diplopia and double vision have exactly the same meaning.

True double vision is allways caused by the eyes being misaligned.

Some people she outlines of letters of objects just out of one eye. That is called "ghosting"
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I have to bother you again with a recent problem with my left eye.
1 week after the surgery i have high eye pressure due to the face down position. At that moment my eye pressure was 25. My doctor give me Timolol and check up after a week. However my eye pressure was 26 on the check up date. He prescribed Azopt to use with Timolol for 3 weeks and told me to stop using Trobadex. I have a check up 3 days later and my eye pressure was in normal range. I stop using Timolol 3 days ago and since then when i wake up in the morning, my eye was very red. I use Azopt and the redness gone. I don't feel pain but just a little bit discomforts.
I contacted my doctor but he is on vacation and unreachable at the moment.
Should i be worried? Is this possible that i have developed glaucoma?
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It is not likely that you would develop glaucoma from retina surgery. However we cannot answer your question about use of post operative eye drops. Your surgeon should have left a surgeon on call for him in his absence. that is whom you should talk to.  And 25 is not that high (20 or 21 is upper normal)
I have a question relate to double vision. I have double vision since i was a child. When i was a child i always saw double and my parent saw me cover my left eye in order to watch TV, that was how they discovered that i have myopia astigmatism. It was when i was 7 yo and at that time my left eye was already -7. Now my left eye is -22 (before the detachment) and my right eye is -9.
5 years a go i consult an ophthalmologist to consider having lens insert in my left eye. However in the trial period to find the right correction my see double with contact lense in my left eye. So i give it up.

I want to ask if the double vision is caused by myopia astigmatism or it is diplopia? I don't really understand.

Is there any treatment possible?

Thanks you for your answer. Since i read other topic here and i remember that you're a specialist with double vision. I hope you can help me.

I forgot to mention that my left eye is Misalignment
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Retina surgery is not like cataract surgery where most cases are pretty much the same and generalizations can be made. You need to ask these questions of your surgeon. However computer work will not damage either eye.
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Thank you so much i wilk follow your advice and see another doctor for better consideration.

I want to update about the dark area previously mentioned. Apparently it has been fading. It become smaller and less dark. I hope it will completely gone soon.

And also about resting after the surgery. It has been almost 4 weeks and now i don't feel much discomfort anymore. I still wear eye patch during the day to avoid excessive light. I want to ask your advice about coming back to work. I don't want to rush thing. I work with computers so i don't think i can handle the amount of work like before. Before the detachment, i have very high myopia (-23 left and -9 right). Also 1 week after the surgery, i have high eye pressure due to the face down position. I have take azopt and timolol since and it works.
How long should i rest before going back to work?

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Only a retina Eye MD that has looked in your eye can tell you that answer. You can consider a second opinion from a different retina ophthalmologist.
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Thank you for your answer.
My doctor also suggest that i have 360° laser for my other eye to prevent it from detach. Is it a good idea? I already have laser 5 years ago (for small hole) on both eyes.
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Yes it is possible for the retina to re-detach with silicon oil or air or gas in the eye. If both ophthalmologists could see well into the eye and told you the same thing that is likely the case in your eye. use the search feature and archives and read all the posts by people with RD surgery, gas and oil in the eye. its very stressful, slow healing process.

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