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Detached Retina Left eye

I have recently 3 weeks ago undergone surgery for a detached retina. The operation was carried out at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London UK England.  This was a cryogenic/gas filled eye to cure the detached retina.
I am very worried regarding the results and what sort ot sight I will be left with.  (To be totally honest its not worry its being **** scared)    Currenly the vision in this eye is similar to seeing when underwater, cannot focul and everything appears to shimmer and move.
I am told that the gas gradually escapes and at this time the eye will be able to start focusing and vision will improve.
Currently I have no areas of the eye which show shadows of marks just a small number of black floaters.

My left eye was always my stongest especially since I had cataracts removed some ten years ago.

What is a reasonable time for the gas to disappear and does the eye fill itself up with the jelly like substance contained therein?
Is there anything I can do to assist the healing process?

Fear is a great motivatop when it comes to vizxiting these sites
My problem started with a visit to my opticians which took 4 hours and they found the detached retina. they then sent me to my local hospital and saw the resident eye doctor who comfirmed the detachement
He then contacted the Moorfields Hospital and they operated the next day about 24 hours after the discovery.
Is this good?  quick treatment?  will this be in my favour? regarding recovered vision?

I really do need some good news here as for the lasyt 3 years I have had just about eveyrthing go wrong.
\Please get back ASAP
and if possible e,ail me at::  ***@****

Thanks and warmest regards
David Collins
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In a complex situation you need honesty not on-line reassurance.  I understand your fears.  But you need to address these questions to your eye surgeons.
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I had the same surgery as you 4 years ago. My gas bubble broke up into small bubbles after 2/3 weeks then went. The vision gets better during this, almost like looking through a fish tank emptying itself of water. Hang in there, things will improve. My eye sight is perfect though prior to the op I was given no guarantees. That was at Southend Hospital - Moorfields is up there with the best in the world, so you're in good hands.
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I am so sorry this happened to you.  I have been through a RD this past year myself.  It is very frightening and completely understandable that you are worried.  There is nothing quick about the recovery from a RD.  I have a very complicated situation and was so severe I couldn't have gas, I had to have oil.  My situation is different medically but I know the fear and frustration that comes with a threat to the vision.   The recovery is typically gradual from what I have learned and am experiencing myself.  If you trust that you have the best doctors possible, follow their advice and be patient.  I know it's hard and it is very hard to adjust to the vision, talk to those who have experienced this too when you need some reassurance.  Others around you may not understand how difficult and frightening it can be but there are plenty of us who do!  I now know several people who had the gas bubble and they had 95% of their vision restored within a year.  Take care.
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