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Detached Retina Problem

Hi, my mom, 53 years old, we live in Romania, on the 27th of july had an internal hemorrhage in her left eye, she went to the ER and they gave her mannitol in an IV bag and etamsylate and vitamin C injections and they prescribed her a drug contianing 90mg vaccinium myrtillus extract and 22.5mg antioxidant, three pills per day.
On 11th of August she woke up with a black area to the side of her vision,  she went to the ER and they diagnosed her with retinal detachment, however due to lack of surgeons here she didn't receive immediate surgery, her surgery was scheduled for 29th of august in the same city or on the 21st of august but she has to travel by train for 6 hours.
Three doctors told her that it's okay to wait but she souldn't move much and should stay in an upright position at all times, even during sleep until she gets her surgery done. the black area started progressing to black lines and then the black area covered around 65% of her vision.
Yesterday we went to a new doctor and he told us that the retina is mostly detached and that there's no need to stay in upright position or avoid movement.

what are your thoughts on this? should she still avoid movement or not and is there a chance for

her vision to be saved? do you recommend anything?

Thank You.
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If the "new doctor" is a retina surgeon that is the person whose advice you should head.  Hopefully a retinal detachment operation (scleral buckle or gas exchange) is scheduled in the near future.  Remember when you have a RD in one eye the change of having one in the other is about 3-10% so the right eye needs to be checked carefully and any weak areas or holes or tears sealed with laser or freezing (cryotherapy) treatment.  She needs her eyes checked by a competent ophthalmologist once or twice per year the rest of her life.

Use the search feature and read the many informative posts about RD and RD surgery.

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