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Discrepancy between Retina Surgeon and Optometrist

Hello.  So my long history of retina detachment - left eye (2017) and right eye (2018) vitrectomy in each followed by cataract repair soon after.  I am very pleased with my vison thus far.

I went to my retina surgeon last week for a yearly check. Dilated eyes and All good.  Pressures great.
Monitoring ERM in both eyes.  Left eye is stable, right eye has worsened slightly since last year.  Vision was tested at 20/20 slight waviness that I have had in both eyes when looking at straight lines (very slight)..  Amsler test great.  Don't have to go back for 1 year unless I notice any changes.  Dr. was very pleased and so am I.

I decided to go to optometrist afterwards to get a new pair of glasses so that I could have a spare pair.  Went ahead and had a full exam by him.  Subtle changes that are expected from what I have been through.  Nothing major but enough to incorporate into new prescription.  While examining my eyes, not dilated, he noted that I have slight secondary cataract forming in both eyes.   Now, I am wondering, why would he see that and the retina surgeon did not even mention it?  Perhaps its because I am not experiencing any issues?  How quickly do these secondary cataracts grow?  I am 2 years out from the left eye cataract repair, 1 year for right eye.

Thanks,  Jim
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I'm sure the retina Eye MD saw it and if there is ever a question believe the ophthalmologist not the retina surgeon.  Calling a secondary cataract is very subtle when small.  This happens every day in my practice. It is like "when do you call a window dirty?  If the small opacities on the posterior capsule were significant the Eye MD would have said something.
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Thank you once again for your much valued opinion.  Jim
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