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Distance monofocal implants both eyes, 20-20 dominant R 20-30, feel out of balance

Dr. says I am fine. Feel out of balance. Told I have astigmatism.

Why is my near vision better on R and intermediate and distance worse than usual.+19.50 on L and +20.50 on R monofocals used.

I feel out of balance and stressed. Any hope besides constant special glasses? No glasses previously except occasional readers. Went to large institution because no private practices were taking medicare.Very upset, had discussed minimonovision with Dr. and decided on both for distance to favor balance.
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Happy to answer your question but I need your "post operative refraction" (Glasses test) and vision with and without those glasses.  You should have been given that information or if you don't have it should be provided based on your last exam.  
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have one more exam May 2. only got info on left eye 20-20 and right eye 20-30
That really doesn't say much.  20/20 at distance? Or near? What is the refractive error for both eyes?  Can they see 20/20 with glasses?  The power of your IOLs tells you nothing because the eyes differ in length, corneal curviture, and the planned uncorrected refractive error.
Thanks for responses,much appreciated. Eyes tested for distance only. Don't know refractive error. Will have to look into finding that information and resume our conversation then. May have to wait for May appt which will be a month post-op; or make a sooner appt. It will be 3 weeks this Wednesday. Only had first week exam so far . Look forward to your advice,
So this is what you need:   1. your pre-operative glasses prescription  2. your post operative glasses prescription and the vision with and without them.  Remember distance vision is 20 feet away.    Also with monofocal IOL it is a matter of if you make the distance vision better without glasses you make the near vision worse and vice versa.  So if you were myopic (nearsighted) before surgery and you chose to have better distance vision without glasses your near vision without glasses will be worse.
Thank you. I have almost 3 weeks since last surgery. Should I make an appt to get that info now or wait till a month has elapsed on May 2. Was not myopic before and wore only occasional readers.Both lenses were supposed to be for distance.
Takes at least 3  weeks for the refraction to settle so would just leave as is.  Ask information next time
Thanks.Will wait to get info and respond next week.Sorry to get ahead of myself but appreciate your time.
pre op test done w cataracts  od +.25 add +1.75 20/30 no glasses 20/25 with (distance) os +.50 add +1.75  HM 20/400 with glasses (distance). post op od sphere plano cyl -1.00 axis 061 add +2.25; os sph +0.75 cyl -0.25 axis 110 add +2.25.  Told need full time glasses.Only some readers before. My R dominant eye feels impaired. Feel out of balance. Don't want full time glasses. Very uncomfortable. Any hope?  Hope I gave right info. Thanks
No I don't understand your post. What I need is your distance vision without glasses in each eye  and then the best corrected distance vision WITH GLASSes each eye.   Without that information I can't answer your question.
Info is R eye uncorrected distance 20-30 and 20-20 or 20-25 w glasses;L eye 20-20 no glasses distance and 20-20 corrected.Both eyes w/o glasses 20-30;With 20-25. Told good results but rx constant glasses. Notice significant difference in focal areas w. R worse than previous. R astigmatism -1. Feels out of balance and stressful.Any option? Will I adjust? Thanks again.
If I understand correctly, preoperatively your  RE saw well 20/25  no glasses  Glasses +0.25  20/30   Your LE saw terrible.

You hve now had both eyes done surgery.
RE without glasses 20/30    with glasses 20/20  with   RX Plano -1.00 axis 61
LE without glasses  20/20   with glasses RX  Plano +0.75 -0.25 axis 110  20/20

You would be able to pass a driver's license in all states without glasses. You could probably read with over the counter reading glasses. If you want to see as clear as you can out of both eyes and all distances you would need to wear progressive no line multifocal glasses all the time. That is not a very big difference and most people could adjust over a week or two.  Your vision is WORSE without glasses at distance after surgery due to post-op astigmatism. You need to find out from your surgeon if you still have stitches in your eye or whether no stitch was done. If you have a stitch in the RE the surgeon may want to remove it in the hopes of reducing your astigmatism.  Your RE is not used to astigmatism.   You could also talk to your surgeon about referring you to a cornea refractive surgery to discuss cornea laser surgery on the RE to eliminate the one diopter of astigmatism.    Simply not possible to tell you whether you will or will not be able to adjust to glasses.
Thanks again.Seems like mini monovision w near on dominant R eye.Not using glasses now.Wondering if I can adjust ok w/o glasses.No stitches.If i can get laser surgery is that temporary fix?Only R plano.
Astigmatism correction done on the cornea with lasers (femtosecond laser or astigmatic LASIK) or cutting LRI  is permanent. Laser surgery is more controlled than cutting into the cornea. Need highly qualified and experienced refractive surgeon to do. many to most cataract surgeons don't do this type of work.
Ok, Guess I'll have to wait to see if that will be doable. Trying to see how I will be able to neuro adapt to current eyes w/o glasses.My good distance eye has visual error,on lines see a bump/indentation;had injury on forehead;also lots of glare at night.Appreciate your responses very much; thank you.
Thanks for saying thanks and best of luck
Using progressive glasses  about three weeks ;  difficulty adjusting. Feel out of balance and ill. Mgr at optician offered another optometrist appt;upcoming. Some good focus and lots of bent vision. Do I need surgeon to do referral to consider cornea surgery? I assume they are not liable for post surgery astigmatism. Would Medicare help costs?Not sure how to proceed or best option; any advice?
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It is most likely this is your adjustment to progressive mutifocal glasses.  Remember to look through the center of the lens and don't look through the bottom of the glasses when you walk. Point your face down and look through the far away part of the glasses.  I suspect your surgeon is not going to do additional surgery for 1 diopter of astigmatism which is very small amount and medicare certainly isn't going to pay for it.  So I think if you have never worn "no line bifocals" as some people call them that is the problem not the astigmatism. you can work with the optom on that.
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Ok. Thanks again.
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