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Distance vision IOL

Before l got cataracts l had normal vision and did'nt need glasses for anything. l am thinking of going with monofocal IOL in both eyes set for distance , l think that means l wont need glasses for distance but will need glasses for intermediate and near. Roughly at what distance do people need glasses if they have monofocals set for distance, My optomerist said everything past arms lenght or a stretched out arm will be clear and l wont need glasses and if l look down on the ground the ground will be look totally clear without glasses which means l wont trip over things and watching TV from 2 or 3 meters should be totally normal. Do you agree with his assessment
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No I don't agree.   You would need one power for reading, a second for computer or shopping  so right there you are carrying 2 pairs of glasses or wearing no line progressive lens. Clear distance vision is 20 ft or 6 meter or farther, not nearer, depending the size of you pupil, if you were watching tv at 10-15 feet you would likely have trouble reading ball game scores on the news ribbon along the bottom of the screen.
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thnaks,. lm 48 and never needed glasses before so it might be hard to adjust to losing all my near vision and needing glasses all the time. l now think l might go with an EDOF IOL perhaps vivity as l dont like the idea of monovision one eye distance and one near,  anyway l will talk to my ophthalmologist, he seems to like Vivity
Good luck
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