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Distorted and wavy vision

I had surgery in my left eye before one month retina detachment! Now i have silicone oil in eye. My vision is wavy and distorted! Bigger object are smaller! Its silicone oil effects? Thank you!
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It will be that way for a long time, possibly forever. This is major surgery done for blinding disease and oil used on only the most difficult cases.  There is much written on this in previous posts use the search feature to read and review.  Ask your surgeon if you had a "macula off retinal detachment" if you did it makes permanent damage more likely. If not it could be a year or more before things settle down and you know the final results.  Know also that have a RD in one eye greatly increases the risk of RD in the other eye.  Ask the surgeon the status of your "good eye"  Protect it from injury and live a healthy lifestyle to avoid diseases such as obesity and diabetes, hypertension that can damage the remaining eye.   Some terms you may find distorted vision = metamorphopsia   things looker smaller than they should= micropsia  larger= macropsia.  These are caused by the damaged, and disturbed retina/macula not silicone oil.
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Thank you!
I dont have macula off . my vison is not bad in RD eye except wavynes and distortion. Alos i have small cataract. I can read 3 lines form eye chart.
Yesterday i check my good right eye.  Right eye is excellent!
You can't 'check' your good eye. Only an ophthalmologist looking in dilated pupils using instruments can tell if there are thin areas,   holes,  limited detachments, etc.   Its unusual to use sil oil for the first RD. Has the RD eye had previous surgery?  If your macula was 'on' then it likely has swelling/fluid (macular edema)
I visited doctor yesterday. All is good with my other eye.
Its my second surgery. The first was with a bubble of gas before 1,5 months.
Yesterday after an examination  my ophthalmologist did not find anything unusual. Retina is on he place and iop in booth eyes is 14. He told me that the wavynes and distortions are  result of a silicone oil.
sorry... when i look my OCT scan... there is something like 'drop' on my fovea! very strange!
Okay that goes along with what I said about complicated surgeries. This is your second procedure.  In any case the person that can give you specifics is your surgeon.  A macular OCT would need to be done to reassure you the macula is ON and that there is no edema or surface membrane.
THANK you for your time and answers! Big regards from Sarajevo Bosnia!
Best of Luck from Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
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