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Do I always have to wear my glasses?

I mainly wear my glasses for school when i have to see what the teacher's doing in the front of the room and for movies etc. I recently had an eye exam and my doctor said my scores were lower than last time because i'm not wearing my glasses 24/7 and my eyes are getting damaged from that or whatever. I wanted to know if I really have to wear them 24/7. By the way, i'm near-sighted but i'm not so bad as where I have to wear them or I can't see anything or my hand in front of my face is blurry. Details are just blurry from a small distance. I have to agree that my eyesight did worsen a lil' bit. I don't want to wear them all the time but i'm not sure if i would damage my eyes if I didn't wear them. I would actually prefer a person that is knowledgeable about optometry to answer my question. Thank you.
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You do not always need to wear your glasses. It is not true regarding vision problems by not wearing your glasses.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, Medical Doctor, Ophthalmologist
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