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Do I have Retinal detachment Or What ???

Hi everybody, i'm really depressed right now because of my eye problem here it is :

8 Years ago I've got hit by a stone in my left eye and when I've got hit my mom took me immediately to the doctor ( i was back than 14 years old, now I'm 22 ) and he told me that i have nothing wrong in my left eye but if you saw any types of flashes or something like that comeback to see me immediately .

Than after few days i feel like flashes in eye left eye i visited the doctor and he told me that i have nothing, and from that day I've got like floaters in my left eye, and I'm living with those floaters  for about 8 years (i had visited 2 doctors and they all claimed that i have nothing wrong in my retina ) and my mind get adapted to the situation of seeing floaters, but the last week i felt that those floaters are getting worse !!! i mean that they got doubled !!!!!!!! and also i see flashes and i went to a ophthalmologist and he told me that i have nothing in my retina  and they don't even care about my floaters they don't give any reaction when i told them that i see floaters in my left eye !!!!

What going on !!! are theses signs of retinal detachment but doctor can't figure out or what !!!!! my eye is getting worse what should i DO !
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You could be experiencing the symptoms of a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) which are similar to a RD but is usually benign and is a very common, normal occurrence.  Usually this would not happen at your age, but since you had eye trauma, this could cause it to happen earlier in your case.  If you have had thorough exams and they say your retina is fine, I would say PVD is likely what you are experiencing.  Unfortunately in a young person like you, the PVD is probably a long way from completion and you may be dealing with the flashes for a long time to come.  The floaters won't really ever go away, but you will get used to them and tune them out.

If you experience a sudden "burst" of new, tiny floaters like soot, that is different, and could be a RD.  The floaters you describe are probably nothing to worry about, just annoying.
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Well thank you, doctors keep telling me that my retina is fine and as you said it could be PVD, but in the last week i felt like those floaters are doubled and became more visible to me, i couldn't walk or read a book without seeing them, and I'm afraid that in the future, i may GET MORE and MORE floaters !! Is there anything that i could do to stop the floaters from coming in the next few YEARS?  and to only deal with the present floaters ?
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