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Do I have Spherical Abberation? If so what can I do about it?

I see:

Large rainbow rainbow rings around streetlights on the outside of the halo.

Star bursts from headlights/ traffic lights and LED.

Signs on stores and buildings at night as well as high contrast TV (like movie credits) are ghosted in all directions. Vertical ghosting is easier to notice. The moon is also ghosted, not too long ago it used to be a sharp image.

I do have 1.00, and -0.75 myopia which is an aggravating factor. Glasses correct to better then 20/20 and reduce my symptoms. They don't eliminate them fully though.

The symptoms have subjectively gotten worse and I don't know why. My degree of myopia hasn't changed lately. Maybe it's psychological, maybe they have gotten physically worse. It's hard to tell. Maybe Ive had them longer then I thought and just thought it was normal until now and I'm just noticing it more and more. But I'm concerned.

As usual, the pinhole effect reduces my symptoms. During the say this isn't an issue.

What can I do to correct SA, reverse it, or prevent it from getting worse?

Should I be worried about this?
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Have a full exam with an ophthalmologist to make sure the rest of the eye is OK.  Treat any dry eye you may have as that sometimes contributes.  Get checked for meibomian gland dysfunction, cataracts, and macular issues as well.  If all that is OK, try a trial of hard contact lenses and see if that gets rid of the symptoms.  Good luck.

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I think we are both experiencing the same symptoms……

I suffered a Traumatic Head injury in november and startednoticing symtoms of ghosting in all directions especially vertical in JANUARY this year. I also noticed star bursting and sensitivity to light and a larger amount of afterimages.

I am wondering if what I am suffering is due to optic nerve damage or could be a corneal problem?

I am also scared that it might take a while to be able to diagnose something… :((

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