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Does reading in their glasses for myopic children worsen myopia?

I have heard something about hyperopic defocus and that it might progress myopia further. When myopic kids read in glasses they got prescribed to see at a distance they essentially experience this.
I wonder if this is true, so will kids, who keep their glasses on during reading develop worse myopia?
In other words, would kids who take off their glasses for reading end up less myopic as adults?
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Not all myopic children can read without their glasses if too much myopia, too much astigmatism, or too big of a difference in their eyes.  There is little doubt that the worldwide epidemic of myopia is due to prolong focus at near especially for computers,  cell phones, video screens.  Having children play out doors hour daily shows myopia,  bifocals may slow myopia,  dilute atropine drops may slow myopia,  and if the eyes are clear and comfortable reading/computer without glasses may also be helpful.
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Thank you for the reply. I understand outdoor time and breaks from near work is helpful.
However I meant if a kid looks at close up anyway would his myopia progress slower if he did so with his glasses off? So same outdoor time, same near work, but glasses off when doing near work. Does that end up in less myopia down the line?
I answered that:    "and if the eyes are clear and comfortable reading/computer without glasses may also be helpful."
The reason I didn't really understood it is that -if the eyes are clear..- part. I have high astigmatism and borderline high myopia yet if I bring the book close enough it's comfortable to read without glasses. Also with glasses on my eye's lenses will adjust so I see clear, that's why I didn't know how to interpret what I found on the topic.
So if you were 8 years old and could read comfortably and clearly without your glasses some researchers feel that taking them off might reduce how myopic you become.   If you were a -8 myope and e years old your clear spot would be too close to your face to be comfortable or practical.  There is not good research on this subject.
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