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Double vision in both eyes

About a year ago my I started getting double vision (when I cover one eye or the other the same double vision)
at street stops, also ghosting at speed signs. Headlight on cars are doubled/tripled and blurred. So went to my regular eye doctor. She said go to a ophthalmologist. I did he said all was well maybe mild dry eyes and sent me to get scleral lens.

They help but only a little the double vision is always there at lights/headlights/signs. I have tried everything from wave scans which had minor waves also lipo scan, compresses, new regular glasses and still the double vision is the same well a bit worse. Had a Mri and nothing showed. The pinhole test stopped the double vision when I took it. I would love to find some hope it is uncomfortable to see this way all the time.

My questions are do you think prism glasses might help? Do they give prism glasses to people with double vision in both eyes?

Could my astigmatism be the cause of the double vision? Is it a bad astigmatism? I'm 52.

My current eyeglass RX is -

OD -625-75x023/+220
OS -600-250x168/+225

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Seeing double means seeing two distinct objects with both eyes open. When one eye shut one complete image goes away.  You do not see double out of one eye. That is called ghosting. There are many causes.  The most common are regular or irregular corneal astigmatism (diagnosed with corneal topography) and the second cataracts.  You glasses RX would indicate you are likely 55-60 or older and early cataract would be the most common cause.  I would suggest you see an ophthalmologist that specializes in cornea/refractive and external disease. Ask about cataracts, have a macular OCT and a cornea topography.
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Thank you for your reply Dr. Hagan. I just want to be clear on the double vision in both eyes. When I look at a street lamp and fully cover my "left" eye I see a double image of the street lamp. Then I switch eyes and fully cover my "right" eye and look at the street lamp and I see a doubled image of the street lamp. So I do see doubled images in both eyes.
No that is called ghosting.  
Dr. Hagan I followed your advice and it was found I had early cataract in both eyes. Long story short, I had cataract surgery on both eyes over a 2 week period and now I see 20/20 no double vision at all. So I want you to know you really touch peoples lives like mine and thank you!! You help people more than you will ever know.  Your kindness to reply gave me the courage I needed and it ended 2 years of double vision. Keep up helping people like me. Thanks again!!!
We love happy stories and we like people that take time to say thanks. I'm not paid to do this but notes like yours are what keep me going. Thank you very much and I'm very happy for you.
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