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Dry eyes and dark circles

3 years ago i started to feel my eyes were very dry and it burns when i read or use the PC. I also have serious dark circles. So i went to see an Opthamologist and he said i have dry eyes. Since then i have been using various lubricant eye drops, Restasis, and sometimes antibiotic as he suspected eye infection.

But till now it only gets slightly better, i still have to use the artificial eye drops at least 6 times a day, plus Restasis. Will that mean i have to stick with the eye drops forever? Are my dark circles related to dry eye? I have performed blood tests and result shows that i don't have any allergies.

P/s: i did a LASIK surgery 2 years ago. I'm 25, female.
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Lasik tends to exacerbate dry eye syndromes.  An additional option may be to place punctal plugs to keep tears in your eyes longer.  Also, if your symptoms are worse in the morning, you may consider using ointment at bedtime.  If eyelids are an issue as far as the oil glands go, I would consider warm compresses and eyelid scrubs (available over the counter).  You may also want to see a cornea specialist who specializes in the management of dry eyes.

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Thanks for your advice :)
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