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Epiretinal membrane following cataract surgery

I had cataract surgery 9 months ago. My vision was good before the surgery, but had extreme light sensitivity and poor night vision.  An istent was also placed to help with pressure problems (glaucoma). Since the surgery, I've had a series of complications which I was not warned about. My vision never did return to normal.
The first complication was dry eye syndrome complicated with blepharitis (I've finally got this to go away).  The second was scar tissue forming on the back of the lens compartment (had a window lased), and now the third is an epiretinal wrinkle.  This last has destroyed the vision in my left eye.
In my career, I was a research biologist, so in an attempt to figure out what was happening to me, I look at the Medline literature regarding inflammation of the retina following cataract surgery.  There is significant evidence that cataract surgery can trigger an immune response in the retina, resulting in epiretinal wrinkles, macular cysts, and possible retinal detachment.  I have a strong family history of retinal problems and wonder why no attention was paid to this before my surgery.  
I am being treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and have been advised to wait a couple of months before deciding on the vitriectomy to correct the damage. At this point, I'm afraid of making it worse, since this could be a result of a "wound response" to the eye, and further surgeries could make it worse.  I  am following my own progress by looking at the progression of OCT photos over time.
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Epiretinal membranes can occur even in the absence of cataract surgery, and fortunately can be treated with a vitrectomy and membrane peeling.  If the vision in the eye is very poor because of the macular distortion, and you are not able to function because of it, I think the vitrectomy is worth considering.  You need to see a retinal specialist for an evaluation.
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