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Extreme Itchiness in/around Lacrimal Caruncle

Hi Doc, since 1995 I've had this problem of extreme itchiness in and around the Lacrimal Caruncle. The itchiness is not limited to this part of the eye but also extends to the eyelids and the outer corner at times.

I saw a local specialist and I was advised after extensive tests that its nothing more than some sort of an allergy. The solution, use antihystermines, artificial tears and keep eyes clean and wash with cool water. Fair enough.

Does this mean I have to take anti-hystermines all my life? Is there any permanent cure for this? My Lacrimal Caruncle, over the years have grown some additional tissue from the highly tempting rubbing that goes on every 2 days or so.

I've searched the net but the answer so far remains the same (anti-hystermines etc).

I really hope to get some solution for this.

Thanks very much and much appreciated.
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the same exact thing happens to me but every day I have to wear special glasses to stop my self from itching other that that my eye doctor has only prescribed me with "dry eye eye drops" I will admit they do help with the redness but not at all with the constant itching. I hope you figure something out and if you do please share!!
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Try  over the counter:  Zaditor, Alway, Ophcon A
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i have the same problem in my eyes……I've tried antihistamine eye drops but i don't know the itch keeps coming back. i also have some growth tissue around my caruncle. its pink and its extremely itchy. I've read about ocular lymphoma and its starting to freak me out. there has been some misdiagnosis about eye lymphoma…..doctors just think its allergy. go to an ophthalmologist and ask to check that tissue in the eyes
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I have. But no drops were prescribed then. I'll try to make another appointment. Thanks.
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Have you seen an ophthalmologist?  You should be able to take drops for allergies rather than systemic antihistamines.

Dr. O.
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