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Eye Care Could floaters cause a slight bend on a line?

I went to a retinal specialist and he said I do not have Macular Degeneration.  He said I have a few small hard drusens.  He did say I have vetrous opacities which is floaters. I really do not see floaters but I do have a minor bend like distortion on left eye looking at a straight line.  It doesnt happen all the time.  Could floaters cause this?
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Ducky , I was told to check with Boston general hospital that’s the top 2 nation wide and #3 in  ( America as continent ) , I have the same issue with the lines and the windows , and many other distorted things. Have you done anything about it , yet ?
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Hello ducky , I got my ERG today and say what ? I failed ! Whatsoever is like everything. Let’s say if you injure your foot and you still walking then is “ normal “ . I will encourage to take the full test and let us know how it goes . My doctor has a million and 1 excuse since their medical ethics prohibited from “ giving bad news “.  Basically I am 2-3 millimetersaeay from “ normal “ mácula RPE .
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Let me know
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Latin.  I tied what you told me to do.  I see fine like that, no glittery line or anything.  I just see a slight weird bend like distortion with my left eye and to the left.   What did they say you have?  Even though my eye doctor said I have nothing O do have a little anxiety. Also, Dr. Hagan, yes they did do an OCT and other imaging test.  I am assuming if I had anything really bad the test would show it.

It would show significant macular pathology.
Dr. Hagan in other words it would show Macular Degeneration?
I also had a fundus test.
Macular OCT would show macular degeneration.  "Fundus test" is to general to have any information  like "having a health exam"
Thank you
Duck , they have me doming s RPE test . On my case I had a eye injure indulged by a blue light high impulse cosmetic device ( HVE ) . All they’re  seen it’s a small little dot in the macula área but they state is normal , they did some short of magnetic image and this one send out all the measurements; macula , central nervios , epidermal etc and everything was “ normal “ . Also I have tons of floaters and haze in both eyes.  When I look at mirrors I see them distorted from 5 or so feet away , poles look like white transparent pole . Also looking at windows they look a little bend just like bricks, straight lines , yellow lines , etc . I don’t know what to tell you since mr Dr. Hagan wouldn’t answer my questions . All I can tell you is that I have a whole team of experts trying to figure it out and they all trying to get the RPE test done and see what throws .  
Duck , so you also have a hard time
Reading off the cell phone? Computer screens ? Does it looks like the text is slightly elevated ?  Have you try subtitles ? Provably read white text on back background ?? Can you
Share your answer pls.
Latin sorry to hear that.  I have not had an injury.  Also i can read off my phone.  I just have a minor bend on a vertical line.  No blind spots.  What you are describing sounds like something I googled called metamorphopia.  Google it.  Let me know what your end results are.  I am eventually going to go back to my doc if this does not get better.  But all the test the ran on me and really found nothing.  
Duck try a retinal specialists and if you’re within the USA try to call the Regional university and do an appointment. Try to request a ERG test those will test the RPE layer which is the one who lets us see and will be able to tell us for sure if you have anything going on. I will tell you my symptoms again.

*Left eye double vision distortion
*Right eye double vision distortion
*Vertical fences ( wavy ) just a bit like this .
* free way sings right eye I.e. 50 miles ( the 0 would look glittery distorted ).
* black letter signs left eye = distorted
* microwave light ( in our focus ) both eyes.
* glare ! Find myself bending my head down , closing my eyes.
* floaters ! All short off , donuts , snakes , blank points .

You mentioned you have “ spots “ ok those are Drusen or scotomas. Google them .

Reference to  mácula injure ,

Vision simulation

Eye test at home

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Hello there , listen try to do an small hole with your hand and place your eye and look thru it ( pin hole effect ) . Try it on yellow background ( even if is the cell phone ) and try to see  if is a small transparent  glittery dot . Then you have the same as me and there is not answer .
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Yes if the floater were medium or large and exactly in the visual axis. If it was a floater by moving your eye quickly you might be able to flick it out of the way and the curved line would look fine. With macular problems than isn't the case.
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Is it possible to have a stationary floater right in the central field ? I can only see it  yellow backgrounds , street poles , electricity poles and certainly letters.
It is possible but very unusual. Most have movement
Dr. Hagan, thank you for your response.  The nend that isee on a straight line and even on an Amsler Grid is always in the same spot.  It is near center left.  If I blink really rapidly i can see for a second a darkish circle.  Could it be that the opcity is large and has not fallen toward the bottom of the eye.  I have been seeing it for 2 months or so.  I apologize for the follow up question it is that I never heard of anyone that had a floater that would distort a straight line.  
You are asking for certainties that I cannot give in this forum.  You have seen a retina specialist who should be where you direct these questions. I'm hoping as a minimum that a macular OCT was done. That is essential.  If your problem persists and you want to push the work up you can ask for a fluoriscene angiogram of the eye.
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