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Eye discharge and pain

Ive had eye discharge producing in my lacrimal sac (in the pink corners of my eyes) for a few years now. The discharge is white, thick, and the shape is ball-like. If not removed, my eyes get itchy and watery and then start to burn. The discharge also leaves behind a residue that causes the same problem if not rinsed out with water. When the white discharge is removed, it still produces like 7 hours later.  
The beginning of this year, I started to experience intense eye pain. It started in my right eye with a bubbling feeling in my eye than a piercing pain. 2 days later my left eye experienced the pain. The pain is really intense and I can’t get any work done. I sleep for hours trying to ease the pain which stops me from completing things I normally would. (Thats how bad the pain is). All I can do is rest my eyes. I’ve been to many eye doctors and all they say is it’s dry eye. There’s no redness or eye infection. I’ve been using eye drops since January and they relieve the pain for a few days but then it comes back. I’ve tried hot and cold compresses too.
I think the pain and the eye discharge are connected to each other. The discharge started burning my eye heavily and now I guess thats why I’m experiencing intense pain? Does anyone know what this is?
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First of all eye doctors call "dry eyes" ocular surface disorder because there are two types. One no tears in the eye, one tears all the times.  Both are much more common in women.  Your description is classic "Mucous Fishing Syndrome"  A person starts rubbing and sticking their finger into the medical corner of the eye, that produces mucous, they dig more to remove the mucous, that irritates it more and they dig more. Like a dog chasing its tail. Look up "mucous fishing" on search engine and this forum.  See an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in cornea and external disese. Have the doctor look at your eye before  the techs put in any drops. Tell the cornea specialist you believe you have ocular surface disorder and are a 'mucous fisher".  Discuss going on Restasis or Cequa. They take 3-6 months to work full but are enormously helpful for ocular surface disorder and mucous fishing.
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Thank you, and I will ask about the medication!
Good luck and keep your fingers out of your eyes, only makes the problem worse.
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