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Eye floaters, light sensitivity, ghosting, light headedness

Hi all,
I've had an issue for a few months now that no doctor have been able to adequate explain.
The symptoms are as follows:
* I've gotten sensitive to light. Looking at the sky (not the sun, obviously) during a bright day hurts my eyes in a way it didn't use to.
* I'm suddenly seeing a lot more eye floaters than I used to. I also see round, bright spots in my vision that float like floaters.
* I see ghosting of objects, most often when I'm looking at something with high contrast. The ghosting is pretty short lived - maybe a second or so - and it seems to be "negative" ghosting, ie the objects do not retain their original colors but rather appear white.
* When looking at a computer screen, I see text lines repeat. However, they don't repeat above or below the original text, but rather can stretch across the entire screen. The text is very blurry and faint.
* I frequently feel dizzy / light headed.

I've seen a lot of different doctors - general practitioners, an ophthalmologist, a neurologist. No one has been able to find anything wrong. The only thing they've found is that my thyroid hormone levels (P TSH in particular, the others were fine) were very low - 0.018 the first time I did a test, though they've been going back to normal levels slowly. These problems all first manifested after I'd had a few days of heart palpitations and high blood pressure that the doctors believe were caused by the thyroid hormone levels, but that has since stopped but my vision remains changed.

This has been going on for three months now, and it is really affecting my Quality of Life since both being outside and looking at bright screens cause me discomfort. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?
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It is not likely that one thing is causing all your symptoms.  Because of your eye symptoms you should see an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in  retina/Vitreous problems and your exam should include a macular OCT and extensive exam of peripheral vision.
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