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Eye injury & vision loss - any chance of possible surgery to regain eyesight?

My sis who is now 28 years old had an injury to her right eye when she was 4 years old, it was an enjury due to a stone that hit her eye & it damaged her eye & she lost her eyesight , she was operated immidiately but doctor informed that she can not have vision since the stone had damaged her black & white both the parts of her eye, we wonder after so many years , now that the science has developed to a great extent, is it possible for her to get her eyesight back, what procedure would she have to undergo, she is in India so what would be the procedure & cost of her getting the surgery done in the US, i need some serious information on this & would appreciate if you could help us out in this regards by guiding us on how we need to go about this, I am her sister & I live in Plano TX, having her vision back would change her life , kindly guide us , thank you
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No it is not possible.  Once vision is lost in childhood at that age, there is no way to get it back later as the part of the brain associated with that eye doesn't develope correctly.

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