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Eye problems 18 year old

I’ve been having these symptoms for a while now what could cause this?

1. blurry vision

2. after images from every thing. Example: I can look at a picture on a wall and see an outline of it when looking away. Or reading words on paper or phone/computer

3. straight lines appear to have a bunch of mine waves

4. vertical double vision I see a second thing below the original object

5. Objects in prehithial vision seems to move

6. Whole center visual field appears to have a bunch of static. For example if I look at a wall or carpet it appears to be crawling with a bunch of small white dots.

7. Sudden floaters I never had before

8.eye pain

9. Some times my left eye pupil is big while my right one is small

10. Some times my vision completely blacks out like some one turning out a light for a split second.

11. Light sensitivity makes it hard to go outside

12. Numbers and letter distortion. when I’m driving and I look at a speed limit sign often times a 2 will look like a 3 sometimes or a 4 will look like a 6
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Maybe u have visual snow syndrome.Type visual snow on google and you can see its symptoms.I do have visual snow and also have the symptoms u mentioned.
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There is no ONE thing that would cause all those symptoms and you need a medical eye exam with an Eye MD ophthalmologist and likely special tests such as peripheral vision test and macular and retinal OCT.  The list of things that might cause some of these is so long and extensive it makes no sense to post.
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