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Eye problems for a full year

I made a post two days ago, I decided to sit down and write a detailed list of all the symptoms I’ve been experiencing for a full year now in the hopes that someone can relate who may have found answers.

•Stinging sharp pain in right eye that comes and goes.
•redness of eyes that comes and goes, can be both eyes or one independently, often times inflammation of the eye/eyes occur simultaneously.
•foreign body sensation that often times becomes debilitating.
•twitching only in right eye that can range from mild single twitches to twitching spasms that can last from 5 to 10 seconds.
•white/clear stringy mucus
•white/yellow frothy build up in corners of both eyes and along lower lid margin
•large amount of floaters that disturb vision
•halos, starbursts, glares, rainbow effects, light rays and other visual anomalies that occur during the day mostly from sun reflections off of cars/windows and worsen on the onset of dawn and progressively get worse the darker it gets, occurs while looking at any light source.
•Off and on visual blurring throughout the day
•Transitioning from near sight to far sight takes longer than normal

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I apologize, I’ve seen you write that quite a few times on other various posts, what does it mean?
It means I've read the post and have nothing to add.
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What does your ophthalmologist say about what you're experiencing?
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I haven’t gotten any clear answers, no real diagnosis.
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