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Flashing in eye

13 months ago I started  seeing flashes in the corner of my right eye. I saw an optician who said the jelly in my eye was coming away and he had found a small tear so made an appointment for me to see an eye specialist at the hospital. if i remember correctly at the appointment 6 weeks later the flashing had stopped and the specialist said the tear was tiny, could be lasered if i wanted but was better to leave it because if there was a detachment later it would be easier to fix. I also remember him saying something about its common in women in their 30s who wear glasses just forget about it. So i did until i noticed the flashes again this week. I went back to see a different optician who said the jelly in my eye is thinning but not coming away and he doesnt think it will for a long time and the tear is actually a hole that ive probably has since birth. Its perfectly round and looks fine nothing like a horse shoe shape he would expect with a tear. Hes going to email the hospital to compare scans but couldnt see anything wrong.
Im still getting these flashes in the evening and its filling me with dread. what could it be?
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You need to see the retina specialist again.  Most likely this is traction of the vitreous (jelly) on the retina. Because things have changed and you are symptomatic you need to see the retina specialist again.  The eye needs to be examined, there is not "scan' that will substitute for an in person exam by the retina specialist.
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Thanks for the reply. I’m waiting to hear  back to see if the specialist at the hospital want to see me. Im guessing it could be a couple of weeks. I’m noticing the flashing more now, even in the day but I wonder if it’s because I’m looking out for it
In our practice in KC MO USA you would be seen the same day. Hard to believe you have to wait so long for change of symptoms.  Most or all USA retina practices consider sudden onset of flashes or worsening of flashes an urgent symptom. I would do what you can to get in to the retina specialist ASAP.
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