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Floaters after retinal tear.

Three weeks ago I had a large retinal tear with early detachment, caught very fast, and treated same same with laser and cryopexy. I am healing well, and vision is intact. However I have such extreme floaters in that eye, I feell as though I am viewing the world through a dirty aquarium, with lots of sea grass and fish.... It has been difficult to do my work. I am so exhausted from trying to see by the end of the day that all I can do when I get home is lie down with a black cloth over my face to rest. How long should I expect it to take for my brain to neuro adapt to this situation? Are there situations where vitrectomy is necessary (although I understand this procedure is very risky. )
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Just saw your posting. I can understand your concern about the floaters. I had a retinal tear in my right eye in April, 2010, cause by PVD. Successfully treated by laser and excellent follow-up.  The floaters in that eye - and then 4 weeks later in the other eye from another PVD - were so distracting and upsetting that I didn't want to drive. Cobwebs, cloudiness, hair-like strands in my vision. Snow-globe effect when I moved my eyes, especially irksome when driving & constantly checking mirrors. It takes time to adjust. I've never had complete neuro-adaptation to this. I still like darker rooms! BUT,...it gets better. Wearing sunglasses helps. Reading is more comfortable for me in natural light than by lamp. Everybody is different. Give it a little more time. It took me three months before I relaxed with this. I truly enjoy my life & my vision. If you don't adjust, some opt for vitrectomy (esp. if floaters are so bad they block out words when reading). I don't have this. Just cobwebs & veils. You're not alone. Try to hang in there. Three weeks is still pretty early. I understand your concerns.
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Yes, if at all possible try to avoid a vitrectomy. It can be associated with the earlier onset of cataract, aside from the usual risks of surgery.

Give it a couple months more, and the floaters are likely to get less obvious even if they do not disappear completely.
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