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Ghosting after Cataract Surgery and Toric IOL implants.

I just had what is supposed to be my final visit to the opthalmologist/surgeon who did my cataract Surgery. I had Toric IOLs, Alcon I believe, (the fact that I don't know exactly is not good) placed in both eyes. After the surgery my sight was near perfect. That was after both surgeries. It gradually become worse over the next few months. I finally called the doctor and made an appointment to see him. I explained what was going on and was told that I needed to have a "capsule oblation" on both eyes. That was done and the vision in both eyes became quite crisp and after a few days went back to blurry. I am wondering if swelling in the eye actually improved the sight at first and then it got worse after the swelling went down.

I happened to see another thread that sounded much like my story so I began reading on this site. I am a bit frustrated because I don't believe that I am being heard by the doctor. I described what I am seeing in detail and  what I can do to aleviate the problem myself and was told that I have 20/20 in both eyes and his "Job is done". i was not and am not sure what to make of this.

I am certain I will think of more later. At this point any advice on the matter would be appreciated. I need to know what questions I should have and should now ask, and really how to approach the matter. Should I seek another opinion? Should I go back to the same guy? I am confused.
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Get a second opinion.  It seems surgery went well but surgeons sometimes fall into the trap of not looking broadly enough once they get the "mission accompished" feeling and there may be something else going on (swelling in the back of the eye etc.).  A complete second opinion to include an OCT exam of the macula is a good idea even if you have the best ophthalmologist in the world.  Good luck.

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My first instinct is to get a second, even third opinion.  Check with your insurance company.  I have Regence and they covered 6 Cataract specialist consultations.  I heard a different opinion from each of the 6 specialists.
Don't waste your time trying to get too much out of this first Dr. as I have ran across these type of personalities and they just don't seem to change and volunteer more information...and that is what you need/want/deserve.
Good luck !
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Thanks for the comment. I am considering who to go to for another opinion but think there are a couple of folks in the area that can have a look. Generally I do think the surgery went well. I was under the impression that the lense placement could be "tweaked" if there were issues. I just did not feel that my last visit to the doctor was not productive. It could very well be that I need to be a bit more forceful. We will see.


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