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Glasses that are 20 years old ?

Hi. I had cataract surgery a week ago. 13 years ago I had Lazik done on both eyes and I could not find the records of the lazik. Doc took a reading off the glasses that were over 20 years old..How could he get an accurate reading for a new lens?? My new prescription is  +22OD  OT 10.7mm  OB 6.0mm..... All is very blurry except objects up close.. I compete in long range shooting and I hope I will NOT need glasses ??  I am scheduled for the same surgery on the other eye next month..
Doctor,, do you think my vision will need glasses and what questions should I ask him before my next surgery.

Thank You Much for any info.....
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Your doctor needs to use a machine like a pentacam or an atlas topographer to determine your true corneal power then use the post-lasik IOL calculator formulas found through the american society of cataract and refractive surgery.  In my opinion that is the best way to determine IOL powers in post lasik eyes.  Yes, it is highly probably that you will need glasses unless very careful measurements and calculations are done according to protocol, and even then the chances of needing glasses for distance and or reading are significant.
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hi sir..
  my husband is suffering with doneclar degenration . rettina is also  thin.
    vision going on very low day by day. it can be stop at this stage or growing up?
wht i do. he is 32 years old.
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Thanks Dr. Mike

I am having all this done at Fry eye clinic in Garden City Ks. They are very well known out here.. I don't mind wearing readers but it sure would be a hassle going the other way..
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