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Headed for cataract surgery but confused.

I have been having trouble driving at night because of excessive glare.  I also suspect that my overall vision has declined, although I had an Optometrist exam in the last few weeks and everything was fine with no changes.  I do feel that colors seem dull but that is very subjective, so maybe not.  In any event, I went to an Ophthalmologist and had a thorough exam done.  He confirmed that I have cataracts and there is no middle ground.  I should have them removed right away before they get worse.  Told me cataracts are rated from good to bad 1-5 and I am at 4, so it's a go.  I feel that my eyesight is declining fast.  My confusion is with the options he offered me.  He said I am not a candidate for PanOptix multifocus.  He then offered me a "Premium" lens called Softec HD, which he highly recommended.  Cost is $3,600 per  for total of $7,200.  Also recommended laser assist at $1,625 per for $3,250.  Total of $10,450.  Also offered Economy (enhanced) at only $1,600 per or basic at no cost, with my Medicare and Blue Cross supplemental.  Told me I should not wait.  I don't understand the difference between the three options.  I especially don't understand what the enhanced economy lens would do for me.  I also want to know if I opt for the basic, will I be able to correct my vision to what I have now, wearing bifocal glasses.  If I did not have to have CS, I would not spend $10,000 to have Lasix at this point and not wear glasses, why would I spend that to not wear glasses after CS?  Sorry for the lengthy post but I need help.  By the way, I have the $10,000, I just don't want additional complications.  Thank you all!
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Some office are unrelenting and unethical in how hard they try and 'upsell' patients on premium IOLs,  laser insicions and astigmatism correction,  ORA techology.   No of these are necessary to a good result. My wife had a plan monofocal IOL with none of the expensive extras and is happy as can be.  READ THIS CAREFULL:  https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1648102/Consider-ALL-the-Options-Before-Your-Cataract-Surgery-Working-Through-Whats-Best-For-You--2019-2020-Update

Then I would get a send and third opinion from two different cataract/IOL surgeons in your community. I recently consulted on a man spent $32,000 out of pocket. says he was told he woud not need glasses for anything. He ddoes need glasses most of the time, and has terrible vision at night.
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I'd recommend you get a second and third opinion from some other ophthalmologists, you may get a wide range of recommended lenses and addon services and prices as I did.
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