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How vision acuity gets worse and nearsightedness apears?

Hello Dear Doctor,

I know I have an strange question may be answered in many places on the web but my problem is that I need to get my vision worse. I know nearsightedness occurs when the eyeball is slightly longer than normal, and in most cases, nearsightedness is inherited. Unfortunately I am in position I need to get my vision acuity worse, not so but a bit.

Doctors, here, say that there is nothing can make it worse naturally, you must wait to find it worse. Is there any thing may cause my vision get worse in short period? I am now 24 years old and my vision did not change within last 6 months.

Can you please guide me?

I appreciate your help for this matter.

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You could try excessive amounts of near-work, like reading.
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Thank you for your reply,

But do you suggest doing it without glasses or by using glasses? What other things can help as well?

May you please give me more examples.

I thank you in advance!
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Someone trying to make their eyes and vision worse does not deserve a serious answer.

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Sorry, but actually I need to know it cause It will change my next two years,

My vision is bad now, I just want to get it worse because here our government does not understand my situation regarding my body. Here every man must go to army for two years, I know I will be get some resting status but officers in army do not care to my rating status. But if I get my vision a bit worse (0.5 for each eye) I do not have to go army. That is the reason I am looking for an answer!

If you can please guide me,

I thank you in advance!
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To most everyone, eyesight is the most precious of senses.  To consider making them worse for the purpose of avoiding the military, is as Dr. Hagan says, not worth further comment or support of your circumstance.  
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