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How long for eyes to whiten after some blood vessels are cauterized?

I had some vessels cauterized by my surgeon as my pterygium surgery had left my eyes super red.  How long for the eyes to white after such a procedure?  Thanks!
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Depending on the size of the lesion and how much surgery/cautery was done you are looking at something that could take several months to clear up.  ask your surgeon about using steroid drops to speed the process.
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Great thanks!  Currently tapering the steroid drops I’m on as it has been 2 months.  My eye always looks better on the days I’ve used the drop.  Hoping for white eyes again soon...
The steroids need to be monitored carefully and long term (more than 3-4 months) is not advised. If you look at the side effects include glaucoma and cataracts.  There are other posts on this website about how long it takes to get white and clear again. Dry eyes aggravates so use artificial tears.   There is a new eye whitener  Lumify that you might use if you are gong to some social occasion and don't want red eyes.   It is much better than Visine and Murine  which cause 'rebound redness'  Lumify is a new product.
Thx yes I have tried Lumify, works well but for me it does cause some rebound redness the following day, but then it clears up.
Is it true that the eye steroids can sometimes irritate the eye?  Sometimes it feels more irritated the next day-  but works well the day I use it.  Thanks!
Rarely. Usually it is the underlying problem, in your case the surgery, that cause the irritation. Warm compresses and preservative free artificial tears often work well.
Sounds good, thanks so much
Hello, I have a follow up question on the redness issue of the corner of my eye after vessels were cauterized.  It has been 3 and a half months, and I went to see the surgeon, who said it has healed, and said the redness is being caused by irritation.  My other eye has no redness, so not sure what is irritating this eye other than the surgery.  

Is there a chance it might always stay red?  The surgeon had promised I would be happy with the cosmetic results and it would turn white, but not sure how that can happen if she is saying it is healed and its still very red.    She said to try using the steroid drop for another 2 weeks, which I did, but once I stopped, the eye became red again.  So not sure what to do?  Thank you.
You really don't have many options except to wait. In some instances I have seen pterygia especially if large or recurrent take 3-6 months to quiet down.
Ok thank you so much!  Have you ever seen instances where it does not quiet down and remains red, or does it usually eventually turn white?  Thx again!
In some instances 6 months later the eye is still unacceptably red, irritated and non-responsive to steroids and the passage of time. Some of these require 'membrane' graphs  or chronic drops of NSAIDS.
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