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I can see movement in the opposite side of my vision (weird)

Have seen a ophthalmologist (twice) in last two years, am 23 years old - no conditions/no drugs/nothing.

This is going to sound very weird, maybe I'm being hyper-hyper-aware, I have had visual test done so I know it's not related. So my question...

If I look straight and quickly flick my finger into my temporal peripheral vision, I 'swear' I can quickly see the mirror-image of the same movement occur in my nasal side, as if the image was being picked up from there. Same as if I close one eye, and move my finger in from the nasal side into my vision, I swear to god I quickly see the same movement in my temporal vision, as if my eye(s) are thinking light went off in that area.
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Update: I know i sound like a crazy person, I've concluded: when i move my hand in my right eyes temporal vision, i swear i can 'see' the same movement in my left eyes temporal vision. How is that even possible or am I fixating/paranoid?
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Doctor please help I just read this: ''Sometimes a movement noted on the normal side of vision is believed to be also seen at the same time on the side of the visual loss.'' = on a Homonymous Hemianopsia symptom!
HH is instantly there correct? If I can still see my VF in both eyes completely (nasal+temp) then not HH? or is HH slowly progressive to the state of missing halves?
a homonymous hemianopsia means half the visual field is missing on the same side in both eyes. The patient with a Left HH the patient will often say they see fine with RE but not LE.  If you can see nasal and temporal in both eyes you do not have HH    think of two pies, missing half of each pie, vertically on the same side
Thanks, I use to be a glaucoma suspect and did the VF so I am certain I can see the entire 'pie' of vision, the closest thing I can find to describe what im seeing is 'visual allesthesia' - where a person with HH claims to see a mirror/ghost image of something in there defect side of vision, where in reality it's in the good side of vision - or something like that. I guess i'm asking: A) I can't be experiencing that if I don't have HH? B) I'd know if I had HH based on me knowing how far I'm suppose to see (My VF expands to near my ear in degrees). C) Have you any idea what i'm describing? I understand it sounds bizarre.

D) is HH progressive or does it occur ''all at once'' or over a period of years etc and if someone did have it - does it cause total blindness or only 'half pies'
I have nothing to offer as to the cause of your symptoms. HH is usually due to a stroke of the brain and remains stable
hi JohnHaganMD, im back from the eye doctor. Eye's are all clear, I told him about the description and he really couldn't relate it to anything and said 'if it gets worse go to an Neuro although your eyes cross an image and send it to the brain to tell it where it's coming from, perhaps like Visual Snow - yours (mine) just interrupts something''. I know I don't have HH, which involes visual allocharia and visual allesteriah (incorrect spelling?), although those last for minutes+ and are a exact copy of the image due to brain damage/HH/obvious missing vision plus a whole bunch of other things like spatial neglect etc, I have nothing going on - should I see a neuro or does it sound like I'm missing something, im no doctor..
Was the "eye doctor' an MD Ophthalmologist? Or a OD non-physician optometrist?  Did the doctor do a visual field test?
Yes ophthalmologist, yes visual field intact, I’d absolutely notice if half my vision was gone wouldn’t i? Let alone id know if I had a stroke? I’m 23, this sounds like paranoia but I even take it a step further and set off tiny flashes via my computer and try to cover as much visual field as possible, all crystal clear at the doctors and at home
I think I previously mentioned the condition “HH” and I’ve come to realise even in the SAME side of where the shadow occurs, I’m able to reproduce it, so it’s not actually the opposite hemisphere transporting it over, the same hemisphere is setting it off too if that makes sense (if I move my finger in my right eyes temporal field, it appears in left eyes temporal field but if I move my finger in my left eyes temporal field, I also get the same result)
Perhaps I was wrong about what I’m truely seeing
I am about out of comments.  People have strokes and don't know it all the time, they are called 'silent or tiny strokes".  People have strokes and lose half to 25% of the their visual field and don't notice it, we see this frequently.  If you had a homonymous hemianopsia it would have shown up on formal visual field testing. if it didn't show up you don't have it.   If you want to spend a lot more time and money on this you can consult a neuro-ophthalmologist.  Or you can step back, move on with your life, deal constructively with your anxiety and not consult more physicians unless new symptoms develop or present symptoms worsen and have an annual eye exam by an ophthalmologist. Not any more I can add.
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