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I have advance keratoconus and seeing ghosting but something weird is happening

Hi john,ive sort of asked this before im going try to explain it to you again.i have very advanced keratoconus and if i look at writing on the tv it is all muddled up,,,,but i have a ghosting image of my thumb if i look at it,if i put the thumb below my eye and look at the tv through the ghosting part of my thumb the writing on the tv goes completley clear and the ghosting goes?this happens with or without the contact lense in?im worried that this could be a brain thing?slightly worried thankyou
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No its an optical thing like a 'pinhole'.  If you are pressing on the eye or eyelid with your thumb it can change the shape of the cornea and make it rounder. If you just hold the thumb out there but don't touch your eye or eye lid it can act as a diffracting surface and disrupt some of the optical waves carry images from the irregular astigmatism part of your cornea.  Not a brain thing
Fhannks the response.i dont press on the eyelid i juat hold the thumb infront of it and look through the ghosting image of the thumb which makes vision clearer and the diplopia dissapeares
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