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I have been finally been told I have a defective lens.

After a year of seeing things in my left eye I am told I have a defective lens.  The Dr. told me he had never seen this in his whole 30 years of practice.  I have seen 4 other Drs.  Who blew it off.  I am wondering if I should get one more opinion.  Also who should pay for the lens replacement.  I saw a Dr. at CEI in Cincinnati who is suppose to be the best. This was a Alcon lens used for cateract lens replacement.  What a journey.
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There is no "best" doctor. Many excellent one, most good, a few bad apples.  Cincinnati Eye Institute is excellent. Most "famous' doctor there is Robert Osher, MD.
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BTW the lens are not 'defective'.  All have been through FDA testing.  Any IOL can create unwanted images/reflections known as positive or negative dysphotopsia, any IOL can become decentered and off axis, any IOL can have problem with wrong power, acrylic lens have 'glistenings' which are properties of some types of acrylic.  If a lens had an unacceptably high incidence of complications after release it would be recalled from the market. I did a huge amount of research on this in IOLs used in the 1980/90 time frame.
So do you think I should get another opinion?
This is the third time I've said it.
Sorry the above comment was for another poster.  You have gotten a minimum of 5 opinions.  If you want to get another one Dr. Osher specializes in 'troubled IOLs, troubled patients".  Do not expect anyone to pay for an IOL exchange other than yourself and your insurance company.  If you want the IOL manufactuer to pay you can expect to go through the legal system and spend a fortune with little chance of success.  Apparently only one of the 5 doctors you consulted said it was a 'defective lens" and that might by your words not his/hers and even if the doc did say that likely they will not say it in court or a deposition.  Optical systems, every optical system, creates abnormal images "optical aberrations'  much less now that 30 years ago.  Just google search  "positive dysphotopsia", Negative dysphotopsia" "Post cataract temporal darkness"  
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